Telecom Jobs FAQ’S

Telecom Jobs FAQ’S

Q: I've seen telecoms jobs that are ideal for me. How do I go about applying for these jobs?

A: First you need to complete a simple registration process which takes just a few minutes. To start the registration, please go to our home page, and click on ‘Register’, found at the top of the right had column. Complete the form, which asks for your email address and password and then go to the next page, where you can upload your CV/resume and add a cover note. Once you’ve successfully registered, you can apply to as many telecommunications jobs as you like.

Q: Is there any benefit of uploading my CV/resume?

A: Yes, once you have uploaded your CV/resume, not only does it make it easier to apply to jobs, but you also have the benefit of recruiters being able to find your CV/resume on our candidate database. This has become an increasingly popular method of recruiters finding good candidates. This is also good for you, as they have to call you, which puts you in a better position.

Q: What type of recruiter can view my CV/resume from the database?

A: The candidate database is used mostly by recruitment agencies working in the telecoms sector, though in some cases, corporate companies also like to search for candidates this way, if they want to manage and control their own recruitment, rather than placing it in the hands of a recruitment agency.

Q: Is there the possibility that my company could find my CV/resume and if so, what can I do to avoid my company viewing my details?

A: Yes, though the risk is low as we have thousands of candidates on our database and companies recruiting directly are looking for skill sets, not current employees. However, if this is a concern, you can still upload you CV, but select to be anonymous. This way, if you appear in search results, your name and contact details will not be seen. It is important that if you select this option, that you amend your CV/resume by removing your name, address, work telephone number and current employer. Describe your current employer as, for example, a leader in embedded software technology, rather than giving the name. For contact details, leave your mobile phone number and make sure your email address is your personal one and not your business one.

Q: Is see there are loads of telecom jobs to choose from, but what is the best way to do a search so I can short list the best jobs for me?

A1: We provide 5 methods of viewing jobs on our job board and all 5 can be found at the top of our home page under ‘Quick Search’ or with links at the bottom of the home page. The first two can be used together to give you a Country and Regional search result. So for example, if you would like to find UK jobs in London & Home Counties, simply select these from the drop down menu and click on the ‘Search Jobs’ button.

A2: If you want to view the most recently added telecom jobs, click on ‘Search’ to find them. Typically you can find jobs in engineering, software development, sales and marketing, specific to the wireless and mobile telecoms industry.

A3: If you know exactly the kind of job you are looking for you can type in the job title in the space for keywords and then click on results. For example, if you are looking for network planning jobs, type in “network planner”, using the “” above the number 2 on your keyboard and click search. The results will be jobs that have network planners in the job description or job title.

A4: If you want to either refine your search results, or search for specific jobs in specific locations, you can select ‘Advanced Search’ at the top right of the home page. You will be presented with a number of drop down bars to make selections, including the use of keywords, which country and region you would like to work in, salary, job category, for example, sales jobs, marketing jobs, or engineering jobs. In addition, you can select a technology sector, so if you are in a profession that likes to employ people by how familiar you are with technologies, like Bluetooth, wimax, wifi, GSM and so on, you can make this selection. As well as this option you can also refine your job search down to business sector which is useful for those working in commercial positions. For example, if you work in consumer marketing within mobile telecoms, you probably won't be interested in jobs in the government sector.

A5: If you work in the wimax sector, for example, and you want to know what kinds of jobs are available in that industry sector at the click of a button, simply scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on ‘wimax jobs’ and all the jobs advertised in this sector will be featured. There are a number of popular choices highlighted here, such as Network Systems Management jobs, Project Management jobs and so on.

Q: I see there are a lot of interesting companies advertising on the job board. Is there any significance?

A: Yes there is, in fact all the companies advertising with us are currently advertising jobs in the telecommunications sector with us. We always create a hyperlink to each company’s advert, so if you see a company advertising that you would like to work for, simply click on the ad and all the live jobs advertised by that company will appear. Therefore, if you see an ad by Nokia and Symbian, if you click on the ads, you will find Nokia jobs and Symbian jobs listed.

Q: What are the most common types of jobs advertisers post on wireless mobile jobs board?

A: We tend to mirror what’s happening in the telecom industry, so you will find the most popular jobs here. Since the industry is almost by definition high-tec, the majority of employees in the industry are technical and engineering people, often very highly qualified, since working in the wireless industry is very challenging, fast moving and dynamic. Therefore the people that work in it need to be highly educated in their specialism, be able to adapt and change quickly to the demands placed on them by their employer, often as a result of a significant technological breakthrough. A typical list of jobs you could expect to find would be as follows:-

  • Software engineering jobs
  • C++ jobs, including software developers and Java engineers
  • Software test and support engineer jobs
  • J2ME jobs
  • Embedded Systems engineer jobs
  • Hardware Engineer jobs
  • Network Planner jobs
  • Network Optimisation jobs
  • RF engineer jobs
  • Test Engineer jobs
  • RAN System Test Analyst Jobs
  • Quality Engineer jobs
  • System Developer jobs
  • Product Manager and Engineer jobs
  • Project Manager jobs
  • Pre-sales consultant jobs
  • Sales manager jobs, including account manager jobs, channel sales, field sales, solutions sales, sales development, business development, area sales, subscriber sales, pre-contract sales, contract sales, pre-pay sales, post sales support, technical sales, key sales, inside sales, OEM sales, regional sales, international sales, including European sales, African sales, Middle East sales; business sales, public sector sales, government sales, defence and military sales, relationship and strategic alliance sales development, national sales, sales operations, sales planning, sales promotion and retail sales, head of sales, sales director and VP Sales jobs
  • Marketing Manager and Director/VP Marketing jobs, including marketing communications, product development, channel marketing, channel programs marketing, solution marketing, technical marketing, CRM, e-marketing and m-marketing, new media marketing, consumer marketing, trade marketing, regional marketing, product and business analyst jobs
  • Business Development jobs
  • Semi-conductor jobs
  • BSS Engineer jobs
  • Field Engineer jobs
  • Site Acquisition, Installation, Test and Maintenance jobs
  • Technical Support jobs, including 1st Line, 2nd Line and 3rd Line Support jobs
  • 2G & 3G jobs and GSM jobs, including network planning, design, optimisation and support
  • Commissioning Engineer jobs
  • Core Network Planning Engineer jobs
  • Cramer and Amdocs engineer jobs
  • Customer Support Engineers
  • Data Network jobs
  • Design Engineer jobs
  • IP Networks and Core Networks jobs
  • NOC Engineers
  • Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens engineer jobs
  • OSS engineers, architects and developer jobs
  • PCN Rigging Engineer jobs
  • Process engineers jobs
  • Product design, developer, test and implementation engineer jobs
  • Radio Access Network engineers job
  • Radio planning, testing and optimisation jobs
  • Switch engineer jobs
  • Systems developer, design, quality, test, implementation, verification, validation, and support engineer jobs
  • Technical Team Leader and Project Leader jobs
  • Principal Architect, Developer and Software Engineer jobs
  • Transmission design, planning and network engineer jobs
  • UMTS engineers, including system design, access, planning and optimisation jobs
  • UTRAN radio optimisation and systems engineer jobs
  • Voice systems and network engineer jobs
  • VoiP network engineer jobs
  • Wimax engineers, including IP core mesh network design, planners, developers and optimiser jobs
  • GSM, TDMA and CDMA integration and deployment engineer jobs
  • Wireless Network engineer jobs including systems analysis development, design support and optimisation
  • Media Gateway jobs for Nokia, Siemens and Ericsson
  • BSCS and SGSN jobs
  • WAP jobs, ie mobile internet jobs. This is a fast growing sector, now that bandwidth has been dramatically improved, resulting in more media rich content, enabling the mobile content jobs to develop beyond SMS and MMS, into triple play, with voice, data, streaming media and downloading media in the form of music, video and games.

Q: What other services are available to candidates like me looking for a job in the telecoms industry?

A: We have developed some useful help and advice to aid you when preparing for job interviews. Please click here to view a full list of services:- Candidate Help And Advice

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